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The Federation of Trees

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The Federation of Trees is a union of trees, groves and forests.  Every tree, even if it stands alone, is part of the Federation of Trees.  We recognize that trees are sentient beings who have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While trees do not have mouths and do not audibly speak in the languages of humans, they do, non-the-less, communicate in ways that we are just beginning to understand. Whether it be through the network of roots, micro-rhizzal fungi, or a language that some of us perceive through our feelings, or, something that we don’t understand at all, they do communicate.  While trees may be of the same species and even the same variety, trees are individuals, and like humans often thrive in groups, otherwise known as groves and forests.

Trees belong in forests and create their own ecosystems.  When growing together, they have a MAJOR role in providing habitat and protection of life on this extraordinary planet.

The mission of this organization is:

To give voice to the needs of trees, groves and forest

To encourage people to take time and sit under a tree; go for walks in the woods; forest bathe; listen to the wisdom of trees; develop relationships with trees; protect trees, groves and forests; plant trees; and hold in value all life, whether it looks like us or not.


Trees do not need us, but we need them!!!

Definition of federation:

    1.  An organization or group within           which smaller divisions have                 some degree of internal                           autonomy.

    2.  An encompassing political or                 societal entity formed by uniting           smaller or more localized                       entities: such as

            a: a federal government

            b: a union of organizations

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