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Faerie Camp

Faerie Camp is designed to encourage children to use their imagination and interact with the magic of the natural world. All activities take place outside on a beautiful organic farm where the spirits of nature are strong.  Trees and rocks are valued as wise beings, from whom we can learn.  We dress up, dance, read stories, do faerie exercises, crafts, and set out on pilgrimages to look for fairies - Magic is in the eyes of the beholder.

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Our Lady of the Honeybees and her faerie-granddaughter,
the tooth fairy.
A Faerie Grandmother

I encourage imagination.

My name is Seaweed.  I chose that name because it makes me laugh. The faeries know, we need more laughing!


Make up a faerie name for yourself.  You can change it later if you want. It is all about having fun!

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Tooth Faerie Tobaira
daughter of the Faerie Grandmother
Making Faerie Dolls
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